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17 April 2014
Web-sharing startup Surfly surpasses 100,000 sessions

23 January 2014
Amsterdam-based startup Surfly is finalist at the South by Southwest Accelerator

Surfly Around the Web

Logo WS - Surfly press room

7 July 2014

“An excellent tool to show someone how to use a website, or to interactively plan a trip or project.”

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5 July 2014

“Screen sharing has been made ridiculously easy with Surfly”

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2 July 2014

Surfly, a screen-sharing site that’s easy enough for your mom to use.

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28 June 2014

Surf the web together

The Sunday Guardian

14 June 2014

“Surfly is what we would recommended you to have shared browsing sessions over all the other clunky tools you may have come across so far.”

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30 April 2014

“Een dienst voor het eenvoudig, snel en veilig delen van web-sessies.”


29 April 2014

Surfly has Transformed Screen Sharing into Web Sharing


26 April 2014

“Surfly zorgt voor supersimpele browser sharing.”

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23 April 2014

“Surfy is a powerful web service.”


10 April 2014

“Een soort social surfing.”

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7 April 2014

“There’s a lot of potential with this app when you’re telecommuting and need to hash things out with the designer/developer.”

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28 March 2014

Surfly, Co-nvaigare non è mai stato così facile

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10 March 2014

“Uniek aan Surfly is dat je niets hoeft te installeren om het te gebruiken.”


10 March 2014

“Nederlandse talenten op South by Southwest.”

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26 February 2014

Free co-browsing tool Surfly

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18 February 2014

Surf the web together


10 February 2014

“Surfly werkt heel eenvoudig.”

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9 February 2014

Surf the web together


7 February 2014

Surf the web together


7 February 2014

Nicholas Piël (Surfly): “We maken samen op internet surfen makkelijk”

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2 February 2014

“Een handige en innovatieve nieuwe tool.”

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28 January 2014

Surf the web together

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24 January 2014

Share your browser session


23 January 2014

Nederlandse start-up Surfly finalist op South by Southwest Accelerator


23 January 2014

Nederlands Surfly is finalist in toonaangevend startupprogramma


23 January 2014

Start-up Surfly finalist op #SXSW Accelerator


21 January 2014

“Surfly offers a solution in cases where it’s easier to show a client something than to describe it in detail.”


20 January 2014

Így böngészhet egyszerre ugyanazon az oldalon távol lévő ismerősével


9 January 2014

Surfly lets you create remote web sessions with others


26 December 2013

“Surfly is making it as easy as pie.”

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18 December 2013

Navegar de forma colaborativa con Surfly


14 December 2013

Surfly – Compartilhe a navegação com amigos pela internet


11 December 2013

Navegar de forma colaborativa con Surfly


10 December 2013

Surfer à plusieurs sur un site Web, Surfly


10 December 2013

Surf the web together


5 December 2013

Le surf sur le web en mode collaboratif


4 December 2013

“Surfly is the perfect web app for the job.”


4 December 2013

Surfly: Deel je scherm & surf samen op internet


3 December 2013

Surf together on the web – Surfly


2 December 2013

Surfer à plusieurs sur un site avec Surfly


30 November 2013

“What makes Surfly so inviting is that it has no learning curve.”


26 November 2013

surfly, ótima opção para navegar em grupo em uma mesma página


26 November 2013

Você faz sua conta e então pode compartilhar a navegação com amigos pela internet


25 November 2013

“The free online service is the simplest screen sharing application we’ve tested.”


14 November 2013

“Showcase a webpage to students at the same time they are using it would be very beneficial.”


5 November 2013

“Surfly gebruikt pure web-technieken om een dienst te creëren die snel en van hoge kwaliteit is.”


3 November 2013

“Surfly is a wonderfully easy to use free app that solves that problem beautifully.”


1 November 2013

Nieuwe co-browsingtool Surfly gelanceerd


29 October 2013

Nederlandse start-up Surfly presenteert innovatieve tool om samen op het web te surfen


11 October 2013

Surfly, una plataforma online gratuita para navegación conjunta.


12 September 2013

Surfly Shares Your Browsing Session Without Downloading Anything