Co-browsing API


Our co-browsing API allows you to neatly integrate our real-time co-browse technology into your own products. With Surfly you can co-browse any website without the need to make any changes to it.

You can find technical information about our co-browsing API in ourĀ API documentation.

Surfly Benefits


Full featured

By integrating Surfly you will integrate a high quality co-browsing service that is fast and full featured. The co-browsing session works without any delay, the content maintains the same quality of the original website. Third party iframes, secure websites or content behind a login will just work.

Easy to setup

Surfly works on any website without configuration or changes needed to the website itself. With our API, integrating co-browsing in your own application is as simple as loading a URL in a certain iframe. We take care of the complexities so you don’t have to.

Customize it any way you like

We provide a solution that is completely transparant. Modify it anyway you like so that it fits right in with your own application or website.

Reliable platform, built to scale

Surfly is used daily by thousands of different users. This gives us a lot of feedback so that we can improve our service. By integrating Surfly you will immediately benefit from this experience.

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