Surfly voted ‘Most Useful Internet Tool 2013′!

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A big thank you to everybody who voted for us! We are happy to see that so many people like our screen sharing tool.

“It’s no wonder this clever tool won over the crowds: it’s practical and uncomplicated. The user simply type in the URL into Surfly and share the unique code with whomever they want to browse with.” – AllMyFaves

All My Faves is a website that brings you new websites and apps from around the web, that most people haven’t heard of yet. Go ahead and explore the other great services in their top ten!

Introducing the bookmarklet

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Imagine you’re browsing a website and you really want to share what you’ve seen with somebody else. With Surfly you can, but it’s still somewhat annoying to have to type in the URL.

With the bookmarklet, you don’t have to anymore!

  • Simply drag this link to your bookmarks.
  • When you’re on the website you want to share, just hit the bookmark and BOOM you have an instant Surfly session starting from the current website.

The instruction video below shows how this works: